Ramnas Bruk in short: specialized in offshore mooring chain – stud link and studless – which include chafe chains and accessories

Ramnas Bruk

Ramnäs Bruk is specialized in offshore mooring chain – stud link and studless – which include chafe chains and accessories. The products are manufactured with high quality in heavy-duty material and based on a truly long history of chain manufacturing. Ramnäs Bruk has nearly 40 years’ experience working in the offshore sector, and has been producing chain since 1876 in Ramnäs, Sweden. Ramnäs Bruk are approved by major classification societies for all chain grades for both offshore grades and ship’s grades and the preferred production range is 70 to 165 mm (2¾ to 6½ in), diameter. Ramnäs Bruk is the first choice of the customers, who give priority to quality in all stages. 250.000 tons in use today Ramnäs Bruk’s anchor chains, accessories and services are relied upon by offshore operators around the globe. Our factories have been manufacturing and supplying anchor chains to the international offshore industry since the 60’s. The product reliability achieved in every delivery is a result of thorough craftsmanship in combination with experience collected. Ramnäs Bruk has developed manufacturing processes, control and inspection routines that withstand any comparison. Ramnäs Bruk combine a high quality product, manufacture of anchor chains in continuous lengths. Ramnäs Bruk’s anchor chain cable will be found in use worldwide on oilrigs, offshore loading terminals, FPSO’s and onboard ships. There are over 250.000 tons of anchor chains from Ramnäs Bruk in use today.

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We are located in Ramnäs, SWEDEN, Europe(North)


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