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Pilot Drilling Control in short: provides complete engineering & support manufacturing services

Pilot Drilling Control

Pilot Drilling Control Ltd, provides complete engineering & support manufacturing services to a wide range of industries. Our knowledge base and manufacturing capabilities allow us to tackle sub-contract jobs in everything from design and prototyping to small batch precision manufacture. In 1991 we developed a directional drilling tool which is still in use today. Since then our product range of in-house designed equipment has significantly increased. While remaining in the forefront of drilling equipment technology the company has since successfully carved out a niche business. Pilot Drilling Control Ltd. have also managed to extend our business by utilizing our 4 and 5 axis machines and working with a variety of industries on a number of diverse projects from complicated veripitch rotors to moulding tools. Pilot Drilling Control Ltd. versatile and innovative approach has served the company well, gaining world-wide recognition at the offshore technology conference where PDC received two meritorious awards for engineering innovation. Pilot Drilling Control Ltd. have also been presented with the Smart award from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) for funding innovation. Pilot Drilling Control Ltd is ISO 9001:2000 approved and we have a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. In 1998, we opened our new purpose built facilities in Lowestoft to accommodate state of the art integrated design and manufacturing technology. Determined to achieve further growth we have taken up the challenge of anticipating the kind of technology that is needed to aid swift and accurate solutions to challenges faced by clients. Pilot Drilling Control Ltd. investment into a new generation of integrated modelling design and manufacturing technologies has aided rapid prototyping enabling PDC to quickly meet challenges and produce results. The company’s expansion plans will also involve new staff employment as it continues developing an international market for its products and design work both inside and outside of the oil and gas industry.

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We are located in Lowestoft, UK, Europe(North)


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