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Investigative Case Manager Jobs in Lagos, Nigeria

[…]a 3-5 month training assignment in Lagos but will be expected to move permanently to Warri or Port Harcourt after this initial period. Your primary objective will be to support, manage and conduct investigations into breaches of the code of conduct, company policy and the law. You’ll also maximise success, minimise liability and facilitate management […]
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Alexander/Ryan Marine & Safety Co.

[…]Nigeria Ltd., (M.O.S.S.). M.O.S.S. functions as a remote liferaft servicing facility located in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The combined years of experience and expertise of the employee base numbers well over 100 years. All of our employees realize that the customers’ needs come first, and that we are here to serve. As its quality statement signifies, […]

Chief Officer Jobs in Offshore, International

[…]The job opening is in the Oil and Crew department at Subsea 7 International where you will be an important team member. responsibility to manage the deck department and carry out Watch Duties; acting as Senior Officer of the Watch, DP Operator and Duty Officer when in Port. Find other Chief Officer Jobs Find other […]
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Seaport Hydraulic Wetmate Connector Products

[…]Diamould Limited Single Port Design With Spool Valve For High-Performance Control Systems. Seaport Hydraulic Wetmate Connector Seaport-01 wet-mate hydraulic Receptacle connector; single port design with spool valve for high-performance control systems. More Diamould Limited Products More Hydraulic Instrumentation Products from Other Companies Top Hydraulic Instrumentation Companies Jobs related to Hydraulic Instrumentation […]

Nauta S.A. Shiprepair Yard

[…]city Shipbuilding and shiprepair industry developed in Gdynia along with the development of the port and the city. The year 1922 – Shipwright Franciszek Ledke opens his boat building workshop near today’s Waszyngtona street. The foundation of an enterprise " Shipyard in Gdynia" – an Association with limited liability was another important event in the history […]

List of Oil and Gas Companies in Paris France

[…]on the Seine just below the mouth of the Marne. Paris is France’s most important inland port. Along the Seine through the city there are almost continuous quays over a stretch of several miles; also by the largest tributaries and canals there are significant port areas. Infrastructure of Paris The power supply is covered by […]
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Flow Lift Products

Flow Lift products from Norriseal – A Dover Company Optional Reduced Port Trims For Low-Flow Applications Flow Lift Non-slam piston check valve designed for positive prevention of back-flow in gas, air or liquid systems. Optional reduced port trims for low-flow applications. More Norriseal – A Dover Company Products More Check Valves Products from Other Companies […]

Norpipe Oil by Phillips Pipeline

[…]the Teesside export port in Britain. On line in 1975. The route is from Ekofisk to the Teesside export port in Britain. The subsea pipeline is 335 km long and start in Norway in the city of Offshore. It ends up in Teeside, UK in North Sea, Europe(North). Other Pipelines in Norway Pipeline Related Jobs […]

Franpipe by Gassco Pipeline

[…]840 kilometres from the Draupner E riser platform in the North Sea to the receiving terminal at Port Ouest in Dunkerque on the French coast. It has an internal diameter of 42 inches. The route is from the Draupner E riser platform in the North Sea to the receiving terminal at Port Ouest in Dunkerque […]

Way Ball Valves Products

[…]Ball Valves products from Alco Valves Diverting High Pressure Lines Way Ball Valves The 3-way L-Port diverter valves are an economical and safe method of diverting high pressure lines, saving the use of several high pressure 2-way valves. More Alco Valves Products More Ball Valves Products from Other Companies Top Ball Valves Companies Jobs related […]

Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms by P

[…]differential ratio PSVAL   Pressure Evaluation Log PG   Pressure Gauge (Report) PRSRE   Pressure Gauge Report PI  Pressure indicator PIT  pressure integrity test PSLOG   Pressure Log PRESS   Pressure Report PSE  Pressure safety element PSH  Pressure safety high (sensor) PSHL  Pressure safety high low PSL  Pressure safety low (sensor) PSV  Pressure safety valve PSV   Pressure Safety Valve PVSV […]

Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms by C

[…]log CLG   core log and graph COROR   core orientation report CORE   core report CSTAK   core sample taken log CSMT   core sampler tester log CORG   corgun log CORIB   coriband log CSR   Corporate Social Responsibility CC  Corpus Christi Gulf of Mexico leasing area CORLG   correlation log CRA  Corrosion-resistant alloy CPI separator   corrugated plate interceptor CCW  Counterclockwise CPICB  […]

Quart & Psi Gas Bottles Products

[…]Components 3/8" – 24 UNF Female Top End 3/4" NPT Female Fluid Port Buna-Nitrile Rubber Components More Accumulators Inc Products More Gas Bottles Products from Other Companies Top Gas Bottles Companies Jobs related to Gas Bottles […]

Kongsberg Maritime Ltd

[…]areas of business include shipping, offshore energy, subsea operations, naval, coastal, fisheries, port & harbour surveillance and more. Our product technologies include ROV and AUV Instrumentation, underwater imaging systems, ocean survey, hydrography, underwater navigation and positioning, vessel control and process automation. Our company is a world leader in these technology areas. Kongsberg Maritime also specialises […]

Aker Arctic Technology

[…]of an engineering office and new ice model test basin are underway in the Vuosaari container port and marine business park area in Helsinki. The plans are to move to the new premises at the end of 2005. Visit our web site for vacancies, jobs and Aker Arctic Technology careers! We are located in Helsinki, […]