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List of Regions

[…]Asia borders Africa on the Suez Canal. List of top 10 oil and gas companies by Asia regions in the Subsea.Org Databases: Subsea Companies in Asia Oil and gas jobs in Asia List of oil and gas companies in Asia Subsea Companies in Africa The Mediterranean and the Strait of Gibraltar separate Africa from Europe […]

Directional Drilling

[…]as large an area as possible from a production platform that is fixed to the bottom or from a subsea template in a subsea production system.  Subsea Templates and Manifolds To achieve this, a series of parallel, vertical wells are drilled close together. At a given depth, typically a few hundred meters below the seabed, […]

Underwater Welding

[…]Weld under water? The water depth (high pressure) is a decisive factor for adapting equipment and subsea technology when high quality is to be achieved, and as a rule, high quality is an absolute requirement. With increasing depth, the arc requires higher voltage to maintain the same current, and becomes unstable without special control equipment. […]

Feature Jobs and Careers

[…]description and information: Underwater Welding Underwater welding, a term for methods adapted for subsea welding, for the purpose of repairing damage to ships and port facilities, or carrying out welding work related to extensions and repairs of offshore oil deepwater facilities for petroleum extraction. The material is usually steel, alloy and unalloyed, and three techniques […]

Feature Companies

Below is a list of subsea company profiles or related articles that have a more in-depth description and […]

List of Oil and Gas Companies in London, UK

Many oil and gas companies are located in London, which is the capital of England and the United Kingdom, and the largest city on the British Isles. London is located on both sides of the River Thames in the south-east of England, about 65 kilometers from the mouth of the English Channel. Read more about […]

Request for Quotation RFQ

[…]products or services Please contact us by email for request for quotations or general technical subsea related inquiries. support @ […]

Barents Sea

[…]approximately on the border between the Arctic and the temperate zone. Oil and Gas Projects and Subsea Production Systems Subsea oil and gas field developments in the Barents Sea is complicated and it takes years from the initial successful geophysical and seismic surveys to first oil. Exploration drilling and the reservoir can be defined and […]