Offshore Denmark APS

Offshore Denmark APS in short: Danish producers and service companies established a strategic co-operation and shaped an association. The association is aimed at Danish companies, institutions and knowledge centres with interests in the offshore business looking for a co-operation around market development, marketing and sales. The customers of our members are from the offshore or shipping industries or ship builders with a connection to the offshore sector which today to a higher extent is looking for system solutions more than earlier single products. The goal of the association is to create a new platform for co-operation and knowledge exchange across the trade lines which matches the latest customer demands, and to promote Danish export of marine and offshore products by creating joint system solutions.

Offshore Denmark APS

marine offshore Export networks Increased visibility Better power of penetration Reliability Economies of scale Resource optimization

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We are located in Klarup, Denmark, Europe(North)

A unique concept of Danish companies joining forces to give the customer the ultimate product

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