OceanWorks International Inc

OceanWorks International Inc in short: specializing in manned and unmanned subsea work systems for key international marine industries

OceanWorks International Inc

Submersible, sub sea, subsea, deepwater, deep water, marine, offshore, navy, oil field, ADS, atmospheric diving, cable/pipeline burial tools, deck decompression chamber,

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We are located in Houston, USA, America(North)


OceanWorks International Inc Products

  • Torque Tool Flyer Products
    Torque Tool Flyer products from Oceanworks International A Highly VersatileTorque Tool Flyer The TORNADO Torque Tool is designed for operation with ...
  • Lars Flyer Products
    Lars Flyer products from Oceanworks International Hydraulic Power UnitsLars Flyer Launch and recovery systems (LARS) are supplied by OceanWorks International for ...
  • Remora Products
    Remora products from Oceanworks International Advanced Submarine Rescue VehiclesRemora The "REMORA" is the current state of the art in advanced submarine ...

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