NKT Flexibles

NKT Flexibles in short: engineering and supplier of flexible pipe tubulars and subsea oil gas pipeline

NKT Flexibles

NKT Flexibles is a worldwide supplier of flexible subsea pipes. The NKT Flexibles risers and flowlines are based on an unbonded flexible pipe concept consisting of several individual layers of steel and polymer. For each product type all layers in the NKT flexible pipe design are described in terms of dimensions and type of material.

All the flexible pipes have the same fundamental concept. Some variation may occur in choise of materials in case of special operating environments such as high pressures, high temperatures, sour service (high H2S and/or CO2 content), deep water, etc.

Unique NKT Flexibles features
· Unrivalled process technology and experience from more that 30 years of flexible pipe manufacturing
· State of the art manufacturing facility
· Focus on flexible pipe manufacturing as core business
· Full compliance with API 17J

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We are located in Broendby, DENMARK, Europe(North)


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