Melco Blowout Preventer Specialties

Melco Blowout Preventer Specialties in short: blowout preventer specialty company

Melco Blowout Preventer Specialties

Melco Blowout Preventer Specialties has distinguished itself in the world market as a blowout preventer specialty company. Since its inception in 1975, Melco Blowout Preventer Specialties has developed a full line of replacement parts for all major blowout preventers. MELCO offers rubber replacement parts in addition to machined parts. MELCO has continued to add to its product line. Melco Blowout Preventer Specialties now offers over 4,000 different parts for distribution.MELCO’s product line includes packing units, ram rubbers, pipe wipers, production rubbers, derrick climbers, mud buckets, and many other related items.MELCO manufactures ram rubbers, packing units and seal kits for most blowout preventers.Additional products include, replacement parts for valves, rotary torque wheel assemblies, Saf-T-Slides, rotating heads, choke valves, accumulators and many more.MELCO also offers a purchase plan for old, discarded rubber units for recycling purposes.MELCO’s manufacturing facilities and general offices are located in Odessa, Texas USA. MELCO also has a distribution center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA and warehouses located strategically throughout the world. MELCO’s philosophy is to offer a wide range of quality parts at a competitive price.MELCO manufactures ram shafts, locking screws, pistons, cylinders,door bolts, and a large number of other metal parts for Cameron, Shaffer, Hydril and WSI blowout preventers.MELCO’s Quality Assurance team tests each Hydril and Shaffer type Annular element before it is packaged for resale. MELCO’s testing procedures comply with API, ISO, and MELCO’s own strict Quality Assurance standards.MELCO’s machined parts are manufactured "in house" to assure Quality Control of raw materials and machine tolerances. Material certifications and traceability records are kept on ALL machined parts.All MELCO products are developed with controlled specifications to guarantee products are manufactured to original OEM standards and specifications in material requirements.Only quality elastomers developed specifically by MELCO’s engineering team are used in the molding process.

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