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Manuli Oil & Marine in short: designs, produces and markets floating and subsea marine hose and long length elastomeric pipelines

Manuli Oil & Marine

The Manuli Oil & Marine Group designs, produces and markets floating and subsea marine hose andlong length elastomeric pipelines for military and commercial end users.The Company derives from the original Uniroyal Company that became the joint venture UniroyalManuli Rubber in 1974. In 1959 Uniroyal Scotland pioneered the initial concept of floating andsubmarine hose systems applications for single point mooring terminals.From this powerful starting point, Manuli has remained abreast of the industry’s demands andproduced a series of "first off’s";• Manuli installed the first 12-inch, the first 16-inch, the first 20-inch and the first 24-inch single point mooring marine hose systems,• Manuli developed the TRITON (now renamed FREEFLEX), the first helix-free marine hoseconstruction in 1974,• Manuli pioneered the use of long length elastomeric hose as dynamic risers, seabedflowlines, conventional buoy mooring hose strings, and in many other roles,• Manuli developed rapid deployment ship-to-shore fueling systems for the U.S. Department ofDefense and British Ministry of Defence, and • Manuli developed the long length elastomeric conduit system for exporting crude oil inextended well tests offshore Manuli has a team of engineers dedicated to creating new products. Their efforts to excel combinedwith third party specialist input and extensive experience has allowed Manuli to better service clientsby keeping one step ahead of the competition

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