Indumar Products, Inc.

Indumar Products, Inc. in short: STOP IT® PIPE REPAIR SYSTEM for repairing leaking pipes

Indumar Products, Inc.

InduMar Products, Inc. has provided a unique solution with our STOP IT® PIPE REPAIR SYSTEM for repairing leaking pipes that has won wide acceptance and is now being used in a variety of environments where lost time is lost money. In refineries and chemical plants, where many miles of piping carry products that are often highly flammable, toxic or corrosive, the Stop It® Pipe Repair System provides a method to restore product flow, and profit flow, in minutes, instead of the many hours required to cut out a pipe section, fabricate and install a new piece. Pulp and paper plants, municipal water and wastewater treatment facilities, food processors and irrigation markets also have found Stop It® to be the quick, economical way to effect needed repairs. Power plants depend on piping for natural gas, water and steam. And unplanned downtime in these locations can result in a shortage of electricity. Wet and dry mining operations are also pipe dependent. Stop It® has special application in marine environments, whether work boats, tank barges, cruise ships, super tankers, commercial fishing vessels, private yachts or marine terminals due to the fact it can be successfully applied underwater.

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