HTMS NV in short: metal seals in super alloys, used in extreme environments from cryogenic to very high temperature


The company HTMS was founded by a group of specialists with more than 25 years of experience in the sealing branch. HTMS stands for High Tech Metal Seals and that is exactly what the company offers to their clients: a high quality product, manufactured using the newest technologies, fulfilling the highest standards in industry. HTMS is not only a specialized company but also an innovative one: meeting the demands of our clients in the high tech industry, searching for new sealing solutions for an ever changing market. Therefore, HTMS will not only rely on its own know-how but will also work in close relationship with external labs, universities, and specialists all over the world but foremost with the experts in engineering and quality of our clients

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We are located in Mechelen, Belgium, Europe(North)

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