Hellan Strainer Company

Hellan Strainer Company in short: stainless steel for the offshore industry

Hellan Strainer Company

The Hellan Strainer’s unique, patented, self-cleaning design was named after it Norwegian inventor. Haakon Hellan. In 1963, Cleveland Gear Company,Inc. purchased the design and incorporated its own worm gear speed reducers to create a motorized strainer model. The complete Hellan Strainer line manufactured by Cleveland Gear Company, Inc. became a part of the Vesper family in 1980. In 2000, Hellan was made a subsidiary of Vesper Corporation as The Hellan Strainer Company. Hellan Strainers are ISO9001 certified, meet all Navy Mil-Spec requirements, are approved by the American Bureau of Shipping, listed by Underwriters Laboratories and designed in accordance with FCI and ASME requirements

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We are located in Cleveland, USA, America(North)


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