Heinen & Hopman EngINeering

Heinen & Hopman EngINeering in short: designing, engineering and installing air-conditioning, cooling, ventilation and central heating systems

Heinen & Hopman EngINeering

Heinen & Hopman Engineering therefore developed its own product line for marine applications, manufactured at its own workshops or, under strict supervision, by one of its subsidiaries. These Heinen & Hopman EngINeering products are manufactured and sold under the name ‘Salor’. Heinen & Hopman Engineering is NEN-EN-ISO9001: 2000 certified and all orders are undertaken according to this standard. Heinen & Hopman EngINeering today is one of the leading firms in air-conditioning, mechanical ventilation and central heating, sanitary systems, fire protection and environmental systems in the world marketplace; both on land and sea. Besides this specialized field, they also engineer and deliver sanitary systems, sprinkler system and provision cooling plants. Heinen & Hopman Engineering BV employs over 180 skilled people and has subsidiaries all over the world. In addition, Heinen & Hopman Engineering has its own locations within several shipbuilding centres. By taking the full responsibility for its systems, from initial design through engineering, delivery and construction, right through engineering and production until final testing, Heinen & Hopman Engineering is not only able to offer a unique range of products, but also a unique level of service and reliability.

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We are located in Spakenburg, NETHERLANDS, Europe(North)


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