GS-Hydro Group in short: Offers innovative solutions to high and low pressure pipe jointing problems, and is rightly known as the world’s leading supplier of piping without welding.

GS-Hydro Group

GS-Hydro’s Headquarters and Production facility is located in Hämeenlinna, Finland where GS-Hydro produces the GS-flanges and other components needed for the non-welded GS-Piping System. In addition, GS-Hydro develops, designs and manufactures the machines required to construct the GS-Piping System. The GS-Hydro Group and the thirteen GS-Hydro Sales Companies employ over 300 piping specialists in fourteen different countries all around the world. In 2004 the GS-Hydro Group generated a turnover of about 53 Million Euros.

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We are located in Frogner, Norway, Europe(North)

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