Future Pipe Industries BV

Future Pipe Industries BV in short: manufacturing components, executes projects which include design, prefabrication, installation and testing

Future Pipe Industries BV

Future Pipe Industries is a part of the Future Pipe Group (FPG), and is a leading manufacturer of high performance, anti-corrosive pipe systems for Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Desalination and Civil Industries as well as Muncipal applications. The group was founded in 1973, and since then, has evolved into the leading provider of composite thermosetting pipe systems and technologies in Europe, Africa, Middle East, North America & Asia. The FPG achieved its prominence in this field by strict adherence to the highest levels of quality in manufacturing, as well as by its commitment to meeting client needs with the services necessary to ensure the success of their pipe systems. Through its global network of manufacturing plants, sales offices, engineering consultants, and representatives offices, the FPG provides engineering, installation, logistics support and commissioning services as part of its single point responsibility. This program was devised to ensure that clients have a unique reference point that they can rely on throughout of implementing their pipe system. As a result, and through its vast experience, the Group and its members have built a reputation for reliability and integrity, two qualities that embody FPG’s commitment to excellence

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We are located in Hardenberg, The Netherlands, Europe(North)


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