Dril-Quip in short: manufacturers drilling and production equipment as wellheads and tubing


dril quip, Offshore drilling and production equipment couplings

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We are located in Houston, USA, America(North)


Dril-Quip Products

  • Quikstabconnectors Products
    Quikstabconnectors products from Dril-Quip Design Allows For High-Angle Stabbing, Self-Aligning And Automatic LockingQuikstabconnectors Quik-Stab Connectors provide fast makeup and reliable, weight-set ...
  • Quikjayconnectors Products
    Quikjayconnectors products from Dril-Quip Connectors Provide Fast Makeup, Effective Anti-RotationQuikjayconnectors Dril-Quip’s Quik-Jay Connectors are ideal for jack-up drilling operations with mudline ...
  • Quikthread Multithread Connectors Products
    Quikthread Multithread Connectors products from Dril-Quip Field-Proven Performance Of The Quik-Thread DesignQuikthread Multithread Connectors Quik-Thread Connectors provide fast makeup, reliable sealing ...
  • Special Applications Cuttings Injection System Products
    Special Applications Cuttings Injection System products from Dril-Quip Pumped Down Through An Injection Line.Special Applications Cuttings Injection System The Cuttings Injection ...
  • Pipe And Fabrication Products
    Pipe And Fabrication products from Dril-Quip Pipe In Stock To Ensure Quality And TrackabilityPipe And Fabrication Dril-Quip stocks pipe of various ...
  • Dual Bore Production System Products
    Dual Bore Production System products from Dril-Quip Designed To Provide Direct Overhead AccessDual Bore Production System The Dual Bore Production System ...
  • Tension Leg Platform Spar Subsea Wellhead System Products
    Tension Leg Platform Spar Subsea Wellhead System products from Dril-Quip Easily Adapted To Meet Stringent Strength RequirementsTension Leg Platform Spar Subsea ...
  • Subsea Wellhead System Products
    Subsea Wellhead System products from Dril-Quip System With Weight-Set Metal-To-Metal SealsSubsea Wellhead System The SS-15 Subsea Wellhead System is a 15,000 ...

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