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Den-Con Companies in short: provides pipe handling tools, including a complete range of power slips and flush spiders, bushings, bowls, slips, clamps, elevators

Den-Con Companies

Den-Con Electronics was founded in 1990. The initial goal of the company was to develop a tagging and tracking system that would withstand the extreme operating conditions of the energy industry. Prior to the development of the Den-Con Asset Management System, there were no reliable methods to identify individual items used in harsh environments that would include dirt, paint, high temperatures, high pressure, etc. The normal methods of identification, such as name plates, metal-stamped numbers, and bar codes were not reliable methods. It was, therefore, impossible to build or maintain full traceability and data base records for equipment. Two factors were considered as the system development began: 1) Well managed companies need to know what they have, where it is, and it’s history and/or condition and 2) If an item can be tagged or identified, it can be tracked. The Den-Con Asset Management System is the only field tested and patented system available on the market today. the total system includes identification tags, readers, hand-held data collection devices, and asset management software.

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We are located in Oklahoma City, USA, America(North)

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