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Caprock Communications in short: World-class satellite communications to the world’s harshest and most remote locations

Caprock Communications

1981 Company founded in Houston, Texas as IWL Communications. 1988 Opened Eastern Gulf Coast operations center in New Orleans, Louisiana. 1993 Acquired Spacelink Systems Inc., a satellite telecommunications company. 1996 Opened Central Gulf Coast operations center in Lafayette, Louisiana. 1997 Initial Public Offering (IPO). 1997 Acquired ICEL in Aberdeen Scotland. 1998 Merged with CapRock Communications. IWL rebranded as CapRock. 2000 CapRock merged with McLeodUSA. 2002 CapRock Holdings Inc. formed by Management, Genesis Park and The Riverside Company and acquired CapRock Services Corp. 2004 CapRock moved

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We are located in Aberdeen, UK, Europe(North)

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