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Bosch Rexroth BV in short: Specialist in implementing complete drive and control systems, often on a turnkey basis

Bosch Rexroth BV

When hydraulic drive technology originated in the fifties, in 1954 a former firehouse in Boxtel was converted into a machine plant. Hydraudyne started with a solutions orientated approach. It became very successful: over the years, they diversified their products and services in a variety of areas – hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical and electrical. A complete program was available. After a history of 50 years, Rexroth Hydraudyne B.V. nowadays is based upon two divisions: Systems & Engineering, an engineering firm that realizes complete Drive and Control projects on a turn key basis. ABS Hydro Cylinders a specialist in the engineering, development and manufacturing of Application Based Standard cylinders, up to 45 m. in length and 1.450 mm of piston rod diameter. Both Corporate Center of Competence within the Bosch Rexroth organization and both with an international orientation. They work on a worldwide scale, most of the time in close cooperation with Bosch Rexroth country units. Also located in Boxtel there are two legal entities that focus on the domestic market: Bosch Rexroth B.V., which distributes the Rexroth catalog in the Netherlands and Bosch Rexroth Services B.V., an organization that provides maintenance, repairs, services and hydraulic piping. New name, same philosophy To combine the unique strengths within one company and in order to meet the requirements of the customers, the three separate companies in the Netherlands (Bosch Rexroth B.V., Bosch Rexroth Services B.V. and Rexroth Hydraudyne B.V.) have merged and will continue by the name of Bosch Rexroth B.V. One name, one Drive & Control Company. By joining know how and facilities, maximum synergy and efficiency is created to serve the customers effectively. Although it might look as a big change after the long history of the Hydraudyne company, one thing will never change since the start in 1954: the wide range of technologies and products, engineered and produced according to the requirements of our customers

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We are located in Boxtel, The Netherlands, Europe(North)

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