Belzona Polymerics Ltd

Belzona Polymerics Ltd in short: provider of unique solutions for design and maintenance problems in the oil and gas industry

Belzona Polymerics Ltd

The foundation of Belzona’s success has been built upon its understanding of the specific industrial repair and maintenance problems. By utilizing Belzona Know-How, customers can recognize the above. Belzona is at the forefront of developing advanced polymer systems for engineering maintenance. Industry has revolutionized the ways in which it solves repair and maintenance problems through the use of Belzona’s Advanced Polymers. The origins of Belzona date back to 1952 when a company was formed in Elland, West Yorkshire England, specializing in the flame spraying of steel with zinc to provide corrosion protection. From here the company developed and grew and moved to Harrogate, North Yorkshire in 1957, where it went on to pioneer zinc-rich epoxy coatings and to develop the technology of a unique range or repair and maintenance systems

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We are located in Harrogate, UK, Europe(North)

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