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Barents Sea

[…]production systems are installed, the oil production can finally begin. Subsea Projects and Oil Field Developments Below is a list of Barents Sea Subsea oil and gas field developments: More Worldwide Subsea Projects West of Africa Gulf of Mexico Campos Basin Canada Atlantic Trinidad and Tobago Timor Sea Black Sea Caspian Sea South China Sea […]

Oil Rig Jobs

[…]Harcourt, Nigeria and Rio, Brazil. To find “oil rig jobs near me” you can use the search field at the right side on this web site and enter your country or part of the world you want to work in and the search results gives you drilling companies hiring. List of Top 10 Job Descriptions Below […]

Petroleum Engineering Jobs

[…]and often specialize in one or more areas. Petroleum technology is often divided into several fields of work. The production engineer works with what is often referred to as optimization, where the goal is to get the most out of the reserves. The drilling engineer works with drilling operations and completion of the wells. The […]

Electrical Engineering Jobs

Quick Guide: How to Get Electrical Engineering Jobs in Subsea Oil and Gas Now! Electrical Engineering Jobs Description In your electrical engineering job as an offshore electrician, your task is to ensure operation and work to prevent machines and equipment on the rig from failing. You do this by testing, developing, operating, maintaining and repairing […]

Materials Engineering Jobs

[…]efficient use of our national energy resources. Entry Level Engineering Jobs Entry level materials engineering jobs are ordinary engineering positions with limited responsibilities which does not require to much experience. You will work together with more experienced engineers and learn as you go. The following companies may be hiring now: Materials Engineering Jobs Salary The […]

Consultancy Jobs

[…]and HR. The consultant or adviser is an expert person whose task it is to give advice in his field. Consultant is also used as a job title in the public administration and otherwise (eg publishing consultant, advertising consultant, personnel consultant, sales consultant, information consultant, sports consultant). Entry Level Consultancy Jobs There are several careers […]

Construction Jobs

[…]a long construction career and can get into one of the top construction management jobs in an oilfield service company, the salary could be very competative. Top Oil and Gas Job Careers Paths for Graduates There are several construction careers paths in the subsea oil and gas line of business, however the top people can […]

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

[…]the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC), with Shell as the largest single operator. The oil field are all from inland swamps to deepwater offshore with subsea production systems installed. Some notable subsea fields are Agbami, Akpo and Bonga. With the breakdown of companies and production, local companies have increased considerably, especially on land and as […]

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

[…]is outside Campos in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Focus is also on the deep and ultradeep water field and the pre-salt oil field. The former state-owned company Petrobras is a leading operating company. Top 10 Rio de Janeiro Companies Below is the list of top 10 companies related to the subsea oil and gas category: More Oil […]

Weidmuller, Inc.

[…]of tools round off the range. Weidmüller products are mainly used in switch cabinets and for field wiring. Customers also benefit from our wide range of services.In addition to our expertise in manufacturing precision mechanics, we offer a market- and customer-oriented product portfolio for our international customers in the fields of industrial, process and transportation […]

Applied Electronic Systems Inc.

[…]in short: design and manufacturing of electric wireline tools and electronics designing downhole wireline tools that can handle hostile drilling environments applied electronics, applied electronic systems, downhole wireline, freepoint, backoff, cased hole logging tools, gamma ray, collar locator, neutron, logging, production logging, cement bond Visit our web site for vacancies, jobs and Applied Electronic Systems […]

ROV Supervisors Jobs in Offshore, Australia

[…]offshore, maintaining communications with the clients offshore representative and project engineer. * Execution of the i-Tech operations and ensuring its timely completion in accordance with the relevant proposal and contact, while remaining within constraints of the i-Tech and client safety/operational procedures for all personnel and the i-Tech System(s) * Conduction all i-Tech project briefings with […]

Accounting and Finance Jobs

[…]and Rio, Brazil.  To find “accounting and finance jobs near me” you can use the search field at the right side on this web site and enter your country or more specific your hometown or a town or city you would like to work in and the search results gives you companies hiring. List of […]

Human Resources Jobs

[…]and Rio, Brazil. To find “human resources jobs near me” you can use the search field at the right side on this web site and enter your country, town, city or part of the world you want to work in and the search engine results gives you companies hiring. List of 10 Top Job Descriptions Below are the full list […]