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List of Oil and Gas Companies in Australia

[…]are of British descent. Most of the continent is deserted, and Australia is a nation of city dwellers. The economy is well developed, and most of the income comes from minerals, agricultural goods and industry. Oil Companies in Australia The subsea and oil and gas companies in Australia are involved in all stages of the […]

List of Oil and Gas Companies in Northern Europe

[…]and Iceland are usually included in Northern Europe, in addition, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as well as the north-western parts of Russia are often included in Northern Europe. In certain contexts, the United Kingdom and the northernmost parts of Germany are also considered Northern Europe. Top 5 Oil and Gas Companies in the Northern Europe […]
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List of Regions

[…]and Iceland are usually included in Northern Europe, in addition, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as well as the north-western parts of Russia are often included in Northern Europe.  List of top 10 companies by Norther Europe regions in the Subsea.Org Databases: Companies in Northern Europe Jobs in Northern Europe List of oil and gas companies […]

Directional Drilling

[…]of the reservoir you want to drain. On a subsea template and manifold, there might be up to 8 well slots from where the vertical wells are drilled and by horizontal drilling the subsea infrastructure can reach reservoirs several kilometres away. Directional Drilling Jobs Below is a list of available jobs and vacant positions. Find […]

Feature Jobs and Careers

[…]drilling is an oil and gas exploration drilling technique used to change the direction of a well, most often from vertical to horizontal direction. Traditionally, petroleum oil and gas wells are drilled vertically, and the technique of rotating drill string has been developed to achieve as straight holes as possible. Read more about directional […]

Request for Quotation RFQ

The Subsea Oil and Gas Directory have suppliers for any subsea oil and gas industry services, products or equipment. By sending your RFQ to Subsea.Org you can ensure that your request will be evaluated by the best suppliers in the subsea industry and that you will quickly get a price and delivery for your inquiry. […]

Oil Companies

[…]and administrative role, but many are also technically and operationally active. Examples of state-owned companies are Equinor, Saudi Aramco, National Iranian Oil Co., Pemex in Mexico, and more. In the United States, there is no such company. Looking for oil and gas jobs? International Companies International oil companies. This is traditionally the most influential group […]

Electrical Engineering Jobs

[…]who will work offshore on a drilling rig is that they must have an approved health certificate, as well as safety course. Most offshore positions also require that you have good knowledge of English and applicants with a trade certificate and relevant experience will most often be preferred. The following companies may be hiring now: […]

Consultancy Jobs

[…]work in any type of a firm or company, or in a special consultancy company that provide consulting services for other companies. The consultancy job includes giving advice and solve problems within your line of work. This could basically be anything from recruitment, IT, management, business, travel and HR. The consultant or adviser is an […]

London, UK

[…]largest city on the British Isles. London is located on both sides of the River Thames in the south-east of England, about 65 kilometers from the mouth of the English Channel. History of London, UK London’s history dates back to the year 40 AD, when the city became part of the Roman province of Britannia. […]

Perth, Australia

[…]correspond to more than two thirds of the state’s inhabitants. Western Australia is one-third the size of the entire continental United States. The History of The West Coast City Since the 1950s, the population has grown sharply through immigration; first from Southern Europe, then from Eastern Europe, Asia and South Africa. Important railway junction and […]

Luanda, Angola

[…]The port is an important export port for the city industry, which includes oil and gas, offshore services, petroleum refining, breweries, textile manufacturing and food. Luanda has an international airport and is the terminus of the railway from Malanje. Oil and Gas Industry in Angola It is difficult to overstate the importance of oil for […]

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

[…]the 1970s it has been strongly dominated by oil. The port city has international airports, as well as several airports for domestic traffic Producing Bonny Light As Africa’s largest oil producer, with a production of approximately two million barrels per day, Nigeria is an important country in the global economy. Nigeria’s “Bonny Light” type oil is […]


[…]that we can provide: ROVs for Underwater Inspections and Surveys Our state-of-the-art robust ROV systems and advanced software maximise efficiency and minimise downtime, and have been successfully deployed for a wide variety of underwater applications, including oil & gas, geological surveying and maritime construction. The Shark G1R ROV is our lightest and most compact ROV. It provides 53kg […]

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

[…]Focus is also on the deep and ultradeep water field and the pre-salt oil field. The former state-owned company Petrobras is a leading operating company. Top 10 Rio de Janeiro Companies Below is the list of top 10 companies related to the subsea oil and gas category: More Oil and Gas Companies by City in […]