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Request for Quotation RFQ

[…]oil and gas products or services Please contact us by email for request for quotations or general technical subsea related inquiries. support @ […]

Oil Rig Jobs

[…]is also part of the job, replacing anodes and applying paint and coating. The oil rig job is quite technical, and you work with the whole spectrum from gross mechanics to fine mechanics, which is very exciting. One definitely gets dirty on the hands and gets to do a lot of practical things. On the […]

Petroleum Engineering Jobs

[…]Job Careers Paths for Engineering Graduates The petroleum engineering careers are mostly higher technical positions in fields as subsea design and analysis, drilling and completion, oil explorations, production and reservoir. The more you can narrow it down and becoming an expert in niche, the more likely is it that the petroleum engineering jobs are out […]


[…]is based in the United Arab Emirates , Rovotics was formed in 2011 when a group of experienced ROV technical experts felt the market was lacking advanced systems that harnessed the latest technology, provided optimum reliability and effective after sales support. Rovotics specialise in creating cutting edge, highly dependable ROVs and components including Junction Boxes, […]

High Pressure Equipment Company

[…]of many products. High Pressure Equipment Company is special orders we have short lead times and technical/engineering support. The bottom line … you won’t find a more cost effective solution anywhere. High Pressure Equipment Company are been looking for a responsive supplier that understands high pressure, remember there’s still only ONE High Pressure … HiP. High […]

Multiphase Solutions, Inc.

Multiphase Solutions, Inc. in short: is an internationally-focused provider of technical consulting services and software systems. multiphase, multiphase flow, flow assurance, deepwater, pipeline management, asset management, leak detection, multiphase metering, inference metering, Virtual Pipeline Manager, Visit our web site for vacancies, jobs and Multiphase Solutions, Inc. careers! We are located in Houston, USA, America(North) […]

General Robotics Ltd

[…]Robotics Ltd still retains its original engineers, giving consistency across the full range of its technical solutions. We are committed to developing and getting the best from our staff. We enjoy long term relationships with our customers. We shall be here for a long time to come. Core to our success is the exceptional quality […]

Ramboll Oil & Gas

[…]at 18 offices all over the country, Ramboll Denmark sets the trend in the Danish market for technical consulting services. The company is part of the Ramboll Group, which is the leading Nordic consulting group, with activities worldwide Visit our web site for vacancies, jobs and Ramboll Oil & Gas careers! We are located in […]

Devon Energy

[…]a lower overall cost structure in each core area. Devon Energy also benefit from the level of technical expertise we attain from our experience in these areas. Concentrated production enables Devon Energy to negotiate more favorable terms with service and supply vendors because we are an important customer with a high volume of business. Visit […]

Accounting and Finance Jobs

[…]business, both in the private sector and in the public sector. You may start as an accounting assistant. Many ambitious graduates start their careers or entry level in the big accounting firms as Deloitte or KPMG. A great career paths is starting as a trainee at one of these companies. An alternative entry level accounting […]

Business, Sales and Management Jobs

[…]and commerce, both in the private sector and in the public sector. You may start as a consultancy assistant. Many ambitious business graduates start their careers or entry level in the big companies firms such as Deloitte or KPMG. A prosperous career paths is being employed as a trainee at one of the big companies. […]

Mechanical Engineering Jobs

[…]Level Mechanical Engineering Jobs Mechanical engineers are central in the operation of almost all technical equipment we surround ourselves with. The work often takes place in teams with other engineers and other professional groups. Entry level mechanical engineering jobs are ordinary positions with limited responsibilities. The following companies may be hiring now: Mechanical Engineering Jobs […]

Mechanic Jobs

[…]jobs are usually maintenance, repair, subsea services and improvement of mechanical equipment. Technical insight and the ability to see practical solutions are important. The work is physically demanding. Subsea oil and gas mechanics maintain and assemble oilfield machines and equipment. The mechanics maintain, stock, assemble and repair oil and gas machinery and equipment. Subsea mechanics […]

Procurement Jobs

[…]business, both in the private sector and in the public sector. You may start as a procurement assistant. Many ambitious buyers graduate start their careers or entry level in the big companies. A prosperous career paths is being employed as a trainee at one of the big companies. An alternative entry level procurement job is […]

Technician Jobs

[…]in the subsea oil and gas industry, but you also have the opportunity to study further at a technical vocational school where you can take a subsea engineering line. If you want to go on to college and university, there are several ways to do it without having general study competence, for example through pre-courses. Find remote intervention companies Technician Jobs […]