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SkoFlo Industries, Inc.

Relevance: 0%      Posted on: May 6, 2019

Chemical / Methanol injection valves are used in surface and sub-sea environments for the Oil and Gas industry.

TESCO Corporation

Relevance: 0%      Posted on: July 12, 2019

global leader in the design, manufacture and service of technology-based solutions for the upstream energy industry

Trelleborg Industrie

Relevance: 0%      Posted on: October 1, 2019

most extensive industrial hoses offer on the market

Victor Products Ltd

Relevance: 0%      Posted on: October 29, 2019

Victor Products is a member of the Safety Products Group of Federal Signal Corporation.

Wozair Limited

Relevance: 0%      Posted on: July 4, 2019

specialists in the design and manufacture of ventilation systems equipment for the offshore oil, gas, process and marine nuclear industries

Offshore Safety and Survival Centre

Relevance: 0%      Posted on: August 30, 2019

safety and emergency response training courses to the offshore petroleum, marine transportation, fishing and land based industries

Bandak AS

Relevance: 0%      Posted on: November 27, 2019

repair and coating/grinding/lapping of valve parts (gates seats, stems, balls), pump parts, (rings, impellers, shafts) and drilling/riser equipment


Relevance: 0%      Posted on: March 5, 2019

Offers titanium coils for extremely corrosive environments

Elos Precision AB

Relevance: 0%      Posted on: October 13, 2019

Complicated materials and alloys that have to be processed with high precision requirements


Relevance: 0%      Posted on: March 26, 2019

services to enterprises and employees of other sectors (chemical, engineering, defence, nuclear etc.)