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Barents Sea

[…]Sea Oil and Gas Fields layout can now be developed, including the design of the subsea production systems, ROV Tooling, pipelines routing and the topside oil production facilities and installations. After all the wells have been drilled and the subsea production systems are installed, the oil production can finally begin. Subsea Projects and Oil Field […]

Petroleum Engineering Jobs

[…]years of experience can be as high as $125k annual salary. Top Oil and Gas Job Careers Paths for Engineering Graduates The petroleum engineering careers are mostly higher technical positions in fields as subsea design and analysis, drilling and completion, oil explorations, production and reservoir. The more you can narrow it down and becoming an […]

Electrical Engineering Jobs

Quick Guide: How to Get Electrical Engineering Jobs in Subsea Oil and Gas Now! Electrical Engineering Jobs Description In your electrical engineering job as an offshore electrician, your task is to ensure operation and work to prevent machines and equipment on the rig from failing. You do this by testing, developing, operating, maintaining and repairing […]

Materials Engineering Jobs

[…]efficient use of our national energy resources. Entry Level Engineering Jobs Entry level materials engineering jobs are ordinary engineering positions with limited responsibilities which does not require to much experience. You will work together with more experienced engineers and learn as you go. The following companies may be hiring now: Materials Engineering Jobs Salary The […]

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

[…]operator. The oil field are all from inland swamps to deepwater offshore with subsea production systems installed. Some notable subsea fields are Agbami, Akpo and Bonga. With the breakdown of companies and production, local companies have increased considerably, especially on land and as subcontractors and contractors. The oil industry is heavily concentrated in Lagos, with […]


[…]for Underwater Inspections and Surveys Our state-of-the-art robust ROV systems and advanced software maximise efficiency and minimise downtime, and have been successfully deployed for a wide variety of underwater applications, including oil & gas, geological surveying and maritime construction. The Shark G1R ROV is our lightest and most compact ROV. It provides 53kg of bollard pull while fielding […]

Harris Pye Marine Ltd.

[…]Ltd. in short: leading specialists in repair of marine boilers, including all associated steam systems Marine Boiler Repairs & Surveys, FPSO, FSO, LNG Projects, Condenser Technology, Ship Outfitting, Tube Stockist & Supply, Mechanical Services, Visit our web site for vacancies, jobs and Harris Pye Marine Ltd. careers! We are located in South Wales, UK, Europe(North) […]

SEACON (europe) Ltd

[…]standard, dry-mate, fiber optic, hybrid connectors SEACON (europe) Ltd (formerly Sea Connections Systems) was formed in 1987 and was the first international addition to the group. During the past 20 years SCE has become a strong European base for design, engineering, manufacturing, quality control and testing within the Group. In addition to supplying all of […]

DrawWorks, L.P.

[…]to reduce risk and save time by simplifying two key drilling processes: running tubulars and handling fluids. DrawWorks offerings include the AutoFill™ Casing Fill-Up and Circulating System, the AutoValve™ Mudsaver Valve, the DPC™ Drill Pipe Circulating and Flow-Back System, the SJC™ Single Joint Compensator, the WCT™ Wellbore Cleanout Tool, and lightweight Drift Bars. This equipment […]

High Pressure Equipment Company

[…]Pressure … HiP. High Pressure Equipment Company was Founded in 1954. Singular focus to provide components and systems for elevated pressure applications Industry’s most reliable and economical source for quality high pressure products Preferred supplier status with a wide variety of market leaders. Visit our web site for vacancies, jobs and High Pressure Equipment Company careers! […]

Applied Electronic Systems Inc.

[…]Inc. careers! We are located in Broussard, USA, America(North) Applied Electronic Systems Inc. Products Applied Electronic Systems Inc. Vacancies Top Oil and Gas Jobs in USA Top Oil and Gas Jobs in Broussard Top Applied Electronic Systems Inc. Job […]

Multiphase Solutions, Inc.

Multiphase Solutions, Inc. in short: is an internationally-focused provider of technical consulting services and software systems. multiphase, multiphase flow, flow assurance, deepwater, pipeline management, asset management, leak detection, multiphase metering, inference metering, Virtual Pipeline Manager, Visit our web site for vacancies, jobs and Multiphase Solutions, Inc. careers! We are located in Houston, USA, America(North) […]

CRC-Evans Pipeline International, Inc.

[…]CRC-Evans Pipeline International, Inc. equipment line includes single or dual torch welding systems, internal welding machines, copper back up clamps, and precision pipe facing machine. CRC-Evans Weighting Systems, CRC-Evans offers complete buoyancy control capabilities including conventional concrete weights, saddle bag weights, form and machine applied concrete coating, screw anchors and pipe mechanical protection coating. Visit […]


[…]members. Princetel key expertise includes fiber component packaging, precision opto-mechanical systems, fiber connector design/fabrication, and circuit design. Our unique skill set allows the team the flexibility to provide our customer with ultimate solutions often difficult to acquire elsewhere. Princetel sets for itself high standards on ethics, product quality, and customer service. We believe in long-term relationships […]


[…]and profitability by fibre optic strain and temperature measurement. Insensys Ltd is focused on providing improvements in performance, safety and profitability for its customers through the use of fibre optic strain and temperature measurement. Insensys Ltd are committed to maintaining our position at the forefront of sensing technology by continually developing systems that deliver improved […]

FUGRO Survey Ltd

[…]DP2 ROV survey vessels and two Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV). IN addition the Company provides ROV, survey and surface / subsea positioning equipment and services to other contractors and organisations, deployed from their vessels and barg Visit our web site for vacancies, jobs and FUGRO Survey Ltd careers! We are located in Aberdeen, UK, Europe(North) […]

Selantic AS

Selantic AS in short: Slings, tethers, suction anchors, synthetic fibre engineering, ROV-friendly rigging, seabed foundation and anchoring techniques Selantic is a group of privately owned Norwegian companies with head office in Bergen. It was established in 1994 as a consultancy in Marine Operations. In 2001 Selantic AS acquired Selantic Fibre AS and Selantic Subsea AS […]

Ventura Hydraulic & Machine Works, Inc.

[…]power units, skidding systems, mooring Manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders, power units, skidding systems, mooring equipment, cable spoolers., Ventura Hydraulic & Machine Works, Inc. was founded in 1965. We have extensive experience in the oil industry to include the design and manufacturing of all the hydraulic systems for all of the drilling rigs located in Alaska, […]

McDermott International

[…]and project management McDermott International, Inc. Is a leading energy services company, providing engineering, procurement, and project management for customers involved in the production of energy. McDermott International, S.A. designs, engineers, fabricates, and installs marine pipelines and offshore structures for development drilling and production, and subsea production systems. Visit our web site for vacancies, jobs […]

ROV Supervisors Jobs in Offshore, Australia

[…]in Offshore, Australia, Australia vacant at Subsea 7 Australia. The job opening is in the Oil and ROV department at Subsea 7 Australia where you will be an important team member. The ROV Supervisor has the primary responsibility for the Health , Safety and welfare of the offshore personne Find other ROV Supervisors Jobs Find […]

Business, Sales and Management Jobs

[…]person can work in any type of a firm or company, or in a special consultanch company that provide such specialized services for other companies. The sales job includes preparing, managing and executing business plans for increased sales and ensuring human capital. It is the business salespersons responsibility to find customers, keep their account and […]

Mechanical Engineering Jobs

[…]while others make hospital equipment. Find mechanical Engineering Companies Entry Level Mechanical Engineering Jobs Mechanical engineers are central in the operation of almost all technical equipment we surround ourselves with. The work often takes place in teams with other engineers and other professional groups. Entry level mechanical engineering jobs are ordinary positions with limited responsibilities. […]

Mechanic Jobs

[…]large machines. The offshore mechanic jobs are usually maintenance, repair, subsea services and improvement of mechanical equipment. Technical insight and the ability to see practical solutions are important. The work is physically demanding. Subsea oil and gas mechanics maintain and assemble oilfield machines and equipment. The mechanics maintain, stock, assemble and repair oil and gas […]

American LEWA

American LEWA in short: manufacturer of metering pumps, process pumps and systems for chemical feed, injection, proportioning and controlled volume pumping of liquids American LEWA is a global supplier of metering pumps process diaphragm pumps and packaged systems. We strive for a close partnership with American LEWA customers in all activities related to our products. […]

Procurement Jobs

[…]person, or buyer, can work in any type of a firm or company, or in a supply chain company that provide such specialized services for other companies. As a buyer or procurer, you are responsible for the supply chain such as ordering goods, equipment or services that the company you work for needs. If you […]

Technician Jobs

[…]equipment and systems. Typical work tasks are cleaning and removing obstructions from well systems, drilling machinery and pipes. The technician jobs is to inspect and overhaul equipment such as pumps and motor, turbines and drilling tools.  Entry Level Technician Jobs There are many entry level technician jobs available in the subsea oil and gas industry, but you also have […]

Health Safety and Environment Jobs

[…]can work in any type of a firm or company, or in a health safety and environment company that provide such specialized services for other companies. The health safety and environmental job includes keeping people and equipment safe at the worksite and identify, evaluate and control hazards preventing accidents from happening. Lately, also the environment […]

Structural Engineer Jobs

[…]significantly. Find structural engineering companies Top Oil and Gas Job Careers Paths for Engineer Graduates As a structural engineer, you must be interested in science and technical solutions. You must be able to take responsibility for large and small projects, and you must be able to collaborate with other professional groups on the implementation of […]

Engineering Jobs

[…]in the next five years so there should be plenty of opportunities if you consider becoming an engineer. Engineering Jobs Salary The engineering jobs salary and how much you will actually earn depends on which position and which company you are employed in, but a starting salary of $40k – $50k a year, plus supplements, […]

Constitution Oil Export by Enterprise Pipeline

[…]per day that connects the fields with the Cameron Highway Oil Pipeline and Poseidon Oil Pipeline systems at Cameron Highway’s Ship Shoal 332B junction platform. Enterprise owns a 50 percent and 36 percent ownership interest in the Cameron Highway and Poseidon oil pipelines, respectively. The route is connects the fields with the Cameron Highway Oil […]
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Shenzi Oil Export by Enterprise Pipeline

[…]crude oil and will connect the field to the Cameron Highway Oil Pipeline and Poseidon Oil Pipeline systems at Enterprise’s Ship Shoal 332B junction platform. Enterprise owns a 50 percent interest in Cameron Highway and a 36 percent interest in Poseidon and operates both pipelines. The route is originate at the Shenzi Field and will […]

Punj Lloyd Ltd

[…]management services for energy industry and infrastructure sector projects. Punj Lloyd Limited provides engineering construction services for onshore and offshore pipelines, gas gathering systems, oil and gas tanks and terminals including cryogenic LNG and LPG storage terminals, process facilities in the oil and gas industry including refineries and for power plant projects. In the infrastructure […]

Subsea Process & Boosting Project Engineer Jobs in Houston, USA

[…]receives occasional guidance on complex or unusual problems. Coordinates activities of the project engineering team related to the design, fabrication and testing of subsea systems including resolving design problems, modifying designs and scheduling of tests for efficient and timely delivery of the systems. Determine the requirements for equipment design reviews for specific projects. Prepares written […]
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Ingersoll Rand Productivity Solutions

Ingersoll Rand Productivity Solutions in short: providing air and electric power tools, material handling equipment, fluid handling products and dispensing systems Ingersoll Rand Productivity Solutions has played a vital role in worldwide economic development and social progress. Today, Ingersoll Rand is a global company with more than 450 locations in 42 countries. Entering its second […]

DOTgroup International

[…]which offer photoluminescent fire and safety signs, fire equipment and safety way guidance systems to the same arenas. These are then both complimented by DOTstaff, which offer recruitment solutions to the Engineering sector as a whole. DOTgroup International and its associated undertakings have their head office in Luton, as well as an office in the North […]

Motorman Jobs in Offshore, International

[…]and drives, blowout manifold, accumulator and lines, and all air, fuel, water, cooling and heating systems * Report on parts, tools and supplies needed to maintain the equipment * Assist other crew members as needed We have a vacant oil and gas industry position as Motorman in Offshore, International, International vacant at Noble Drilling International. […]

Business Manager-Subsea Thermal Insulation Jobs in Houston, USA

[…]relationships/ partnerships with offshore construction contractors and competitor tree and subsea systems vendors, topsides, etc.) • Responsible for selling and promoting FMC’s thermal insulation solut ions directly to end users and approvers in oil companies • Coordinate with global sales and marketing teams on sales strategy to grow the thermal insulation business and channel the sales opportunities and […]
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New Continental Equipment Co., Ltd.

[…]per year. At New Continental Equipment, we take pride in our business and are highly dedicated to providing quality products and superb customer service. New Continental Equipment Co will continue to strive to be a leading provider of oilfield equipment to North America and beyond. Visit our web site for vacancies, jobs and New Continental […]

Principal Analysis Engineer Jobs in Sutton, UK

[…]areas of discipline engineering, including design codes, legislative requirements and current good engineering practice. Find other Principal Analysis Engineer Jobs Find other Subsea 7 Jobs Find other Oil and Gas Jobs in Sutton, UK The job position and advert may be expired. Please contact Subsea 7, for information on other jobs, salary, careers and vacancies. […]
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Citadel Computer Corporation

Citadel Computer Corporation in short: design, engineering and manufacturing of harsh-environment computer systems for challenging industrial and military applications flat panel computer, forklift computers, industrial computer manufacturer, industrial panel PC, industrial thin client, industrial touch screen, IP Visit our web site for vacancies, jobs and Citadel Computer Corporation careers! We are located in Manchester, USA, […]

SeaBotix Inc.

[…]truly capable small ROV system that bridges the gap between small ROV portability and large ROV performance. Visit our web site for vacancies, jobs and SeaBotix Inc. careers! We are located in San Diego, USA, America(North) SeaBotix Inc. Products SeaBotix Inc. Vacancies Top Oil and Gas Jobs in USA Top Oil and Gas Jobs […]

Offshore Construction Engineer- SURF Jobs in Houston, USA

[…]will be an important team member. Plans, develops, coordinates, and manages on-site construction engineering activities for large, extensive projects Find other Offshore Construction Engineer- SURF Jobs Find other Aker Solutions Jobs Find other Oil and Gas Jobs in Houston, USA The job position and advert may be expired. Please contact Aker Solutions, for information on […]
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Multi-Tech Systems, Inc.

[…]Inc. careers! We are located in Mounds View, USA, America(North) Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. Products Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. Vacancies Top Oil and Gas Jobs in USA Top Oil and Gas Jobs in Mounds View Top Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. Job […]

InterOcean systems inc

[…]Tide Gauges, Meteorological/Oceanographic (METOC) Buoys, Acoustic Releases, Winches & Marine Handling Systems, Hydrophones, and Remote Oil Spill Detection and Sampling. With our proven commitment to product reliability and support, you may rely on InterOcean for your marine equipment and instrumentation needs. Visit our web site for vacancies, jobs and InterOcean systems inc careers! We are […]