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Directional Drilling

[…]in connection with subsea drilling at sea, they want to cover as large an area as possible from a production platform that is fixed to the bottom or from a subsea template in a subsea production system.  Subsea Templates and Manifolds To achieve this, a series of parallel, vertical wells are drilled close together. At […]

Barents Sea

[…]oil production facilities and installations. After all the wells have been drilled and the subsea production systems are installed, the oil production can finally begin. Subsea Projects and Oil Field Developments Below is a list of Barents Sea Subsea oil and gas field developments: More Worldwide Subsea Projects West of Africa Gulf of Mexico Campos […]

Natural Gas Companies

[…]propane and butanes. How to extract and transport gas? Natural gas extracted from the subsea production system, as on the Norwegian continental shelf, is first stabilized on the oil and gas production platform by removing water vapor and easily condensable components, so that the gas can be transported by pipeline to land for further processing. […]

Oil Companies

[…]as Caltex (Chevron). By the early 1970s, these companies controlled 80 percent of all crude oil production, 70 percent of refining capacity and more than half of the world’s tank tonnage. Where are the Oil Companies located? Many of the crude oil companies are located in the major oil and gas cities and oil and natural gas capitols such as […]

Petroleum Engineering Jobs

[…]in one or more areas. Petroleum technology is often divided into several fields of work. The production engineer works with what is often referred to as optimization, where the goal is to get the most out of the reserves. The drilling engineer works with drilling operations and completion of the wells. The reservoir engineer’s main […]

Materials Engineering Jobs

[…]efficient use of our national energy resources. Entry Level Engineering Jobs Entry level materials engineering jobs are ordinary engineering positions with limited responsibilities which does not require to much experience. You will work together with more experienced engineers and learn as you go. The following companies may be hiring now: Materials Engineering Jobs Salary The […]

London, UK

[…]textiles, clothing and food, as well as companies such as printing, publishing, record and film production. Top 5 London Companies Below is the list of top 5 companies related to the subsea oil and gas category: List of Companies by City in United […]

Perth, Australia

[…]Australia Oil and Gas Industry Many of the world’s largest oil and gas exploration, production and offshore services companies have representation in Perth, Australia to position themselves for oil and gas and subsea opportunities offshore the coast of Australia. Petroleum refineries, steelworks, consumer and food industries. The city is known to be the energy and oil and gas capital city of Australia […]


[…]growth area in Jurong in the western part of the island. Here are a large number of factories with production of cement and building materials, plywood, chemicals and plastic products, machinery, ships and steel structures. Top 10 Oil and Gas Singapore Jobs Below is the list of top 10 job descriptions that are related to the subsea oil and gas category. […]

Luanda, Angola

[…]oil industry, both as a commercial company, operator and industry regulator. Subsea Oil and Gas Production in Deep Waters In 1996 it became clear that Angola was facing a new oil age when the French company Elf found oil in deep water 140 km off the coast of Luanda. In the following years, many international […]

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

[…]single operator. The oil field are all from inland swamps to deepwater offshore with subsea production systems installed. Some notable subsea fields are Agbami, Akpo and Bonga. With the breakdown of companies and production, local companies have increased considerably, especially on land and as subcontractors and contractors. The oil industry is heavily concentrated in Lagos, […]

Calgary, Canada

[…]Gas Jobs in Calgary, Canada Oil and Gas Industry Canada is a major oil and gas producer. Most oil production takes place in Alberta; most are exported to the United States. There are oil fields off the Atlantic coast near Newfoundland. Top 10 Calgary Companies Below is the list of top 10 companies related to the subsea oil and […]

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

[…]has been steadily increasing, but Brazil is still not fully self-sufficient in oil. Most of the production takes place on the continental shelf, and the largest field is outside Campos in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Focus is also on the deep and ultradeep water field and the pre-salt oil field. The former state-owned […]

Jakarta, Indonesia

[…]and Gas Industry The most important mineral resource is petroleum products. Oil and gas production began as early as the 1890s and increased very rapidly in the period after independence. The largest oil fields are in Sumatra and Kalimantan, as well as some smaller fields in Java, the Moluccas and Papua. The country hopes to […]