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Temperature Tool Products

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Temperature Tool products from Canada Tech Corp Fast Responding Downhole Temperature Recorder. Temperature Tool Canada Tech’s Temperature Tool is a fast responding downhole temperature recorder. More Canada Tech Corp Products More Memory Tools Products from Other Companies Top Memory Tools Companies Jobs related to Memory Tools products

Multi Seacam Products

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Multi Seacam products from Deepsea Power & Light The Multi Seacam® Is A Versatile Camera Designed To Meet All Your Needs, Whether For Deep Rov. Multi Seacam The Multi SeaCam® is a versatile camera designed to meet all your needs, whether for deep ROV or shallow diver applications. More Deepsea Power & Light Products More…

Direct Burial Cable Products

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Direct Burial Cable products from Corrpro Flexible Double Insulated Cable Direct Burial Cable To deliver long-life protection to buried or submerged metallic structures you need a cable, which can perform in all types of environments. More Corrpro Products More Instrumentation Products from Other Companies Top Instrumentation Companies Jobs related to Instrumentation products

Petol Bukup Tongs Products

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Petol Bukup Tongs products from Gearench Weights Do Not Include Chain Petol Bukup Tongs PETOL BUKUP TONGS are designed for use with a pipe machine for "Bucking up" or "Bucking off" tool joints. Larger sizes may be used for breaking out drill collars, reamers or similar heavy jobs. More Gearench Products More Petrol Tools Products…

Divex Back Pressure Regulator Products

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Divex Back Pressure Regulator products from Divex Designed For Diving Chamber Divex Back Pressure Regulator The Divex Back Pressure Regulator (BPR) has been designed for diving chamber use as a BPR on built-in breathing systems (BIBS). More Divex Products More Diving Products from Other Companies Top Diving Companies Jobs related to Diving products

Hand Test Pump Products

Relevance: 0%      Posted on: March 22, 2019

Hand Test Pump products from Friedrich Leutert Designed For Easy Calibration Of The Leutert Digital Pressure Indicator Hand Test Pump The hydraulic hand held test pump HTP1 has been designed for easy calibration of the Leutert Digital Pressure Indicator (DPI 2) or other pressure gauges, pressure transmitters, pressure switches etc. More Friedrich Leutert Products More…

Sideinlet Swivel Products

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Sideinlet Swivel products from King Oil Tools Suitable For Air Or Mud Drilling Sideinlet Swivel Manufactured of high-grade alloy steel, these swivels fill the need when conventional swivels cannot be used More King Oil Tools Products More Side-Inlet Swivels Products from Other Companies Top Side-Inlet Swivels Companies Jobs related to Side-Inlet Swivels products

Anchor Chain Swivels Products

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Anchor Chain Swivels products from Moorlink Avoiding Damage To The Bearing System Or Any Other Swivel Part Anchor Chain Swivels The low friction Anchor Chain Swivels are supplied in either forged or cast versions. More Moorlink Products More Mooring Systems Products from Other Companies Top Mooring Systems Companies Jobs related to Mooring Systems products

Standard Flotect Products

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Standard Flotect products from Flotation Technologies Ingress Of Sand Or Other Abrasive Materials Standard Flotect Standard FLOTECT™ impact protection is provided in convenient lengths for installation. Pairs of interlocking half-shells are secured around the core product with stainless steel More Flotation Technologies Products More Engineerd Products Products from Other Companies Top Engineerd Products Companies Jobs…

Nutshell Filter Products

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Nutshell Filter products from Natco Multi-Grade Nutshell Filter Nutshell Filter Nutshell filters - Maximum Oil Removal with Minimum Backwash Water More Natco Products More Produced Water Products from Other Companies Top Produced Water Companies Jobs related to Produced Water products

Trailblazer Products

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Trailblazer products from International Submarine Engineering Ltd Mine Countermeasures Trailblazer A trailblazer is a tethered, high speed, remotely operated vehicle. It is capable of operating to depths of 1640 ft (500 m) in tidal currents, while carrying out a variety of military, scientific, industrial, or mine countermeasure missions. More International Submarine Engineering Ltd Products More…

Drill Collars Products

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Drill Collars products from Grant Prideco Prevent A Seal From Forming Drill Collars Spiral drill collars are part of Grant Prideco's complete product line. More Grant Prideco Products More Heavy Weight Products from Other Companies Top Heavy Weight Companies Jobs related to Heavy Weight products

Casing Head Products

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Casing Head products from New Continental Equipment Co., Ltd. Adapter Installed On The Top Of The Casing Stem Casing Head The Casing head is an adapter installed on the top of the casing stem; with the exception of the surface pipe, all the subsurface casing pipes hang from this unit. More New Continental Equipment Co.,…

Drill Collar Cclamp Products

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Drill Collar Cclamp products from Workstrings Fit A Range Of Drill Collar Sizes. Drill Collar Cclamp Since drill collars have no external upsets a c clamp is used to hold drill collar in place while making up. More Workstrings Products More Handling Tools Products from Other Companies Top Handling Tools Companies Jobs related to Handling…

Roncador by Petrobras

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In March 2001, the P-36, which was stationed over the Roncador field, sank after three explosions left 11 workers dead. At the time, the world's biggest semisubmersible had been producing 84,000b/d and 1.3 million m³/d of gas.