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Directional Drilling

[…]you earn? The directional drilling jobs salary and how much you will actually earn in an offshore job depends on which drilling school or course you took, the position on the drill floor and which company you are employed in, but a starting salary or pay of $25k – $35k a year, plus supplements, is considered normal. […]

Underwater Welding

[…]to the water depth. The method is used for splicing pipes and repairing pipes in connection with offshore installations and other work in deep water. The first two welding layers in pipes are usually laid with TIG welding, the rest with a covered electrode. How deep can you Weld under water? The water depth (high […]

Feature Jobs and Careers

[…]to ships and port facilities, or carrying out welding work related to extensions and repairs of offshore oil deepwater facilities for petroleum extraction. The material is usually steel, alloy and unalloyed, and three techniques which is very different from dry welding, can be distinguished: wet welding, trunk welding and hyperbaric welding. Read more about underwater […]

Oil Rig Jobs

[…]education. This is a typical of the entrance professions for work offshore on a fix offshore installation or floating drilling rig. The deck worker works with practical tasks on the drilling deck in the actual drilling operation. Career Path It is possible to work your way up to and including the tower man when you have a trade certificate. […]

Petroleum Engineering Jobs

[…]carry out production. All oil and gas engineering jobs are most often a combination of onshore and offshore work. Entry Level Jobs With No Experience Entry level petroleum engineering jobs are ordinary positions that you have the education to perform but comes with limited responsibilities. The constant development of technology brings the various areas of […]

Electrical Engineering Jobs

[…]Paths for Engineering Graduates As an electrician you have a good basis for a career within offshore electrical engineering. The minimum for everyone who will work offshore on a drilling rig is that they must have an approved health certificate, as well as safety course. Most offshore positions also require that you have good knowledge […]

Construction Jobs

[…]gas line of business, however the top people can get into high-ranking positions as Construction Manager or Supervisor, Construction Director and Engineering Manager. Construction Jobs Near Me Most of the positions are with companies in the major oil and gas hot spots such as Stavanger, Norway, Aberdeen, Scotland, London, UK and Perth, Australia. If you […]

Perth, Australia

[…]Gas Industry Many of the world’s largest oil and gas exploration, production and offshore services companies have representation in Perth, Australia to position themselves for oil and gas and subsea opportunities offshore the coast of Australia. Petroleum refineries, steelworks, consumer and food industries. The city is known to be the energy and oil and gas capital city of Australia and many service […]

Luanda, Angola

[…]main port. The port is an important export port for the city industry, which includes oil and gas, offshore services, petroleum refining, breweries, textile manufacturing and food. Luanda has an international airport and is the terminus of the railway from Malanje. Oil and Gas Industry in Angola It is difficult to overstate the importance of […]

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

[…]with Shell as the largest single operator. The oil field are all from inland swamps to deepwater offshore with subsea production systems installed. Some notable subsea fields are Agbami, Akpo and Bonga. With the breakdown of companies and production, local companies have increased considerably, especially on land and as subcontractors and contractors. The oil industry […]


Rovotics is based in the United Arab Emirates , Rovotics was formed in 2011 when a group of experienced ROV technical experts felt the market was lacking advanced systems that harnessed the latest technology, provided optimum reliability and effective after sales support. Rovotics specialise in creating cutting edge, highly dependable ROVs and components including Junction […]

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

[…]industry, petrochemical industries and the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. Shipyards and offshore services and support are also important. However, it is in connection with trade and tourism that the city derives its largest income. The city’s annual carnival is one of the biggest tourist attractions. Top 10 Oil and Gas Rio de Janeiro Jobs Below is the list of top […]

Jakarta, Indonesia

[…]fields in order to maintain production levels. Indonesia is not self-sufficient in oil. Oil Fields Offshore Jakarta The four largest offshore fields for natural gas extraction are off Aceh in Sumatra, Bontang in Kalimantan and Tangguh in Papua, as well as on the island of Natuna between the Malay Peninsula and Kalimantan in the South […]

Diesel Power AS

[…]in short: Producer and supplier of tailormade diesel and gas generating sets for the shipping and offshore industries Diesel Power A/S was established 1985. Since then Diesel Power A/S has been the chief distributor for Mitsubishi Marine Diesel Engines for the Norwegian marked. Today Diesel Power A/S has 15 employees spread on the following disciplines: […]

List of Cities

[…]thousands of subsea oil and gas professional as they are often are located in the proximity of the offshore oilfields (as the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea) and most oil and service companies and suppliers have either there main office or branch represented in the city. What is a City? A city is […]