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Pipeline Products

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New Subsea Software Pipeline Products List of Software Pipeline Products Top Oil and Gas Pipeline Companies Software Pipeline Jobs

Triple Ball Valve Products

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Triple Ball Valve products from Alco Hi-Tek Reduces The Overall Project Delivery Times Dramatically Triple Ball Valve Y Type triple Ball Valve DBB's, fully approved to be supplied to many of the world’s oil majors. Materials of construction. More Alco Hi-Tek Products More Double Block & Bleed Valves Products from Other Companies Top Double Block…

Alpha Rodbased Screen Products

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Alpha Rodbased Screen products from Alloy Screen Works Downhole Sand Control With Minimum Pressure Drop Alpha Rodbased Screen The Alpha is our robust, pipeless well screen designed for effective downhole sand control with minimum pressure drop. More Alloy Screen Works Products More Oil & Gas Products from Other Companies Top Oil & Gas Companies Jobs…

High Performance Composite Coating Products

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High Performance Composite Coating products from Bredero Shaw High Performance Composite Coating (Hpcc) Is An Advanced Composite System That Represents The Latest Development In Anti-Corrosion Systems. High Performance Composite Coating High Performance Composite Coating (HPCC) is an advanced composite system that represents the latest development in anti-corrosion systems. The product consists of fusion bonded epoxy,…

Sureflo Sf Products

Relevance: 0%      Posted on: January 28, 2019

Sureflo Sf products from Bredero Shaw Sureflo Sf Is A Solvent-Free Formulation Designed To Meet Strict Environmental Regulations. Sureflo Sf SureFlo SF replaces the internal rough surface of a steel pipe with a smooth surface finish. This results in a reduction in friction and turbulence which increases flow efficiency. More Bredero Shaw Products More Internal…

Access Api Bowl Products

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Access Api Bowl products from Access Oil Tools Alloy Steel And Heat Treated For Strength And Wear Resistance Access Api Bowl The Access API Bowl has the same bore and taper (4" per ft.) as the API #3 split bowl. All API drill collar, drill pipe, and casing slips can be used in this bowl.…

Shortline Products

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Shortline products from Canada Tech Corp Shortline Iii Is Identical To The Slimline Iii Shortline The Shortline III is identical to the Slimline III except it is designed to be incorporated in a 1 ¼” carrier and can accommodate a single C Cell Lithium Battery for extended periods. More Canada Tech Corp Products More Memory Tools Products…

Caledyne Pcp Sealing Anchor Products

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Caledyne Pcp Sealing Anchor products from Caledyne Pcp Application For Either Long Term Permanent Or Short Term Well Tests Caledyne Pcp Sealing Anchor The Caledyne PCP Sealing Anchor utilises field proven components to provide a reliable downhole seal and anchor installed directly below a PCP stator. More Caledyne Products More Downhole Products from Other Companies…

Bentec Acmotors Products

Relevance: 0%      Posted on: April 24, 2019

Bentec Acmotors products from Bentec Gmbh Drilling & Oilfield Systems A Reliable Choice For Your Drilling Operations Bentec Acmotors Bentec electric drive systems in DC and AC technology are performing successfully for years on drilling rigs onshore and offshore under heavy duty conditions around the globe. More Bentec Gmbh Drilling & Oilfield Systems Products More…

Tough Boytm Magnet Tool Products

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Tough Boytm Magnet Tool products from Bilco Tools Safely And Easily Cleaned On Location For Multiple Trips Throughout The Phases Of Operation Tough Boytm Magnet Tool Bilco's "Tough Boy"TM Magnet Tool is a string magnet used for ferrous metal debris removal from the well bore. Robust in design, it is ideal for completion cleanup, milling,…

Surset Flow Control System Products

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Surset Flow Control System products from Baker Oil Tools Unique Capability Of The Running Tool Surset Flow Control System The Sur-Set™ Flow Control System is a unique wireline lock and mandrel system that derives its name from the product's unique capability of the running tool not releasing from the flow control device unless the lock…

Statsafetm Esdsafe Ceramics Products

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Statsafetm Esdsafe Ceramics products from Coorstek Protect Your Devices From Electrostatic Discharge With Statsafetm Ceramics Statsafetm Esdsafe Ceramics Developed specifically to protect sensitive microelectronic components from Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), CoorsTek StatSafe ESD-Safe Ceramics help prevent the accumulation of static electricity More Coorstek Products More Materials Products from Other Companies Top Materials Companies Jobs related to Materials…

Multilog Products

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Multilog products from Corrocean Utilizing The Latest Technology To Achieve Robust Design, User Friendlyness Multilog The CorriLog is a new corrosion probe meter, utilizing the latest technology to achieve robust design, user friendlyness and low maintenance combined with high sensitivity. More Corrocean Products More Corrosion Monitoring Products from Other Companies Top Corrosion Monitoring Companies Jobs…

Standard Products

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Standard products from Crc-Evans Pipeline International Hydraulically Driven Winch Moves The Pipe Through The Machine. Pipe Moves Easily On Contoured Rollers Standard Hydraulic controls give one operator complete command of all machine operations from a convenient platform. More Crc-Evans Pipeline International Products More Pipe Bending Machines Products from Other Companies Top Pipe Bending Machines Companies Jobs related…

List of Oil and Gas Companies in Singapore Singapore

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The oil and gas companies are located in Singapore, which is a republic in Southeast Asia. The country is an island and city state at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. In the north, the country is separated from Malaysia by the Strait of Johor and in the south by Indonesia by the Strait…