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Compact Cyclone Multiphase Meter Products

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Compact Cyclone Multiphase Meter products from Phase Dynamics Measures The Production Of A Well With The Highest Accuracy Compact Cyclone Multiphase Meter A recent addition to the Phase Dynamics product range has been the Compact Cyclone Multiphase Meter (CCM meter). More Phase Dynamics Products More Multiphase Meters Products from Other Companies Top Multiphase Meters Companies…

Tritech Seaspy Products

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Tritech Seaspy products from Tritech International Colour Ccd Underwater Camera Tritech Seaspy The Tritech SeaSpy underwater video camera is a compact, high resolution, full colour camera with integral low voltage lighting More Tritech International Products More Cameras Products from Other Companies Top Cameras Companies Jobs related to Cameras products

Wavescan Buoy Products

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Wavescan Buoy products from Fugro Deep-Water Measurements Wavescan Buoy A metocean data collection buoy that provides wave height and direction, sea surface temperature, salinity and temperature profiles, surface current speed and di-rection, and meteorological parameters. More Fugro Products More Seawatch Systems Products from Other Companies Top Seawatch Systems Companies Jobs related to Seawatch Systems products

Electric Retractable Thrusters Products

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Electric Retractable Thrusters products from Thrustmaster Of Texas Electric Motors And Variable Frequency Drives Electric Retractable Thrusters Thrustmaster electric retractable thrusters are fixed pitch propeller thru-hull azimuth thrusters capable of retracting completely into the hull. More Thrustmaster Of Texas Products More Retractable Thrusters Products from Other Companies Top Retractable Thrusters Companies Jobs related to Retractable…

Ezeeglider Products

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Ezeeglider products from Pi Intervention As The Next Generation In Centralisation Tools Ezeeglider The EZEE-GLIDERâ„¢ is the next generation in centralisation tools More Pi Intervention As Products More Downhole Products from Other Companies Top Downhole Companies Jobs related to Downhole products

Hickory by Anadarko

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is operated by Anadarko, which owns a 50% working interest in the Grand Isle blocks 110, 111 and 116, along with partners Shell (37.5%) and Ocean Energy (12.5%). Hickory lies in the Grand Isle block 116


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At Sintef we've a sturdy research teams on subsea power and strength electronics, which give customers with extra at ease, robust and efficient subsea solutions. Sintef laboratories, gadget and know-how to test and increase materials and components for demanding environments, and in deep water and high and lower temperatures. Visit our web site for Sintef…