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Direct Tension Indicators Products

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Direct Tension Indicators products from Fastorq Bolting Systems For Leak Free Bolted Joints Correct Bolt Tension For Secure Joints Direct Tension Indicators A bolted joint obtains its superior characteristics through proper clamping force on the gasket contact surfaces. More Fastorq Bolting Systems Products More Indicators Products from Other Companies Top Indicators Companies Jobs related to Indicators…

High Velocity Abrasive Cutter Products

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High Velocity Abrasive Cutter products from Thru Tubing Solutions Horizontal Well Applications High Velocity Abrasive Cutter The High Velocity Abrasive Cutting Tool has special port positioning for directing an abrasive fluid jet stream into tubular members. More Thru Tubing Solutions Products More Coiled Tubing Products from Other Companies Top Coiled Tubing Companies Jobs related to…

Subsea Wellhead System Products

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Subsea Wellhead System products from Dril-Quip System With Weight-Set Metal-To-Metal Seals Subsea Wellhead System The SS-15 Subsea Wellhead System is a 15,000 psi system with weight-set metal-to-metal seals. More Dril-Quip Products More Subsea Equipment Products from Other Companies Top Subsea Equipment Companies Jobs related to Subsea Equipment products

Rotary Unions Products

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Rotary Unions products from Ftl Seals Technology Effective Solution Is To Use A Complete Ready Made Rotary Union Assembly Rotary Unions The conveying of heating and cooling media into a rotating body is a common requirement in many industries. More Ftl Seals Technology Products More Rotary Products from Other Companies Top Rotary Companies Jobs related…

Cryoshield L Products

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Cryoshield L products from Esab Excellent Slag Removal Cryoshield L Cryo-Shield 308L was developed for the welding of Types 304 & 304L stainless steels for the low temperature service, even down to liquid helium temperatures. More Esab Products More Filler Metals Products from Other Companies Top Filler Metals Companies Jobs related to Filler Metals products

Jumpers Spool Pieces Products

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Jumpers Spool Pieces products from Fmc Technologies Subsea Systems Connect Manifold Systems To Wells, Sleds To Wells And/Or Manifolds To Sleds Jumpers Spool Pieces Custom jumpers or spool pieces are used to connect manifold systems to wells More Fmc Technologies Subsea Systems Products More Subsea Production Systems Products from Other Companies Top Subsea Production Systems…

Hickory by Anadarko

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is operated by Anadarko, which owns a 50% working interest in the Grand Isle blocks 110, 111 and 116, along with partners Shell (37.5%) and Ocean Energy (12.5%). Hickory lies in the Grand Isle block 116


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At Sintef we've a sturdy research teams on subsea power and strength electronics, which give customers with extra at ease, robust and efficient subsea solutions. Sintef laboratories, gadget and know-how to test and increase materials and components for demanding environments, and in deep water and high and lower temperatures. Visit our web site for Sintef…