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Request for Quotation RFQ

The Subsea Oil and Gas Directory have suppliers for any subsea oil and gas industry services, products or equipment. By sending your RFQ to Subsea.Org you can ensure that your request will be evaluated by the best suppliers in the subsea industry and that you will quickly get a price and delivery for your inquiry. […]

Consultancy Jobs

[…]work in any type of a firm or company, or in a special consultancy company that provide consulting services for other companies. The consultancy job includes giving advice and solve problems within your line of work. This could basically be anything from recruitment, IT, management, business, travel and HR. The consultant or adviser is an […]

Perth, Australia

[…]the world’s largest oil and gas exploration, production and offshore services companies have representation in Perth, Australia to position themselves for oil and gas and subsea opportunities offshore the coast of Australia. Petroleum refineries, steelworks, consumer and food industries. The city is known to be the energy and oil and gas capital city of Australia and many service companies are also […]

Luanda, Angola

[…]The port is an important export port for the city industry, which includes oil and gas, offshore services, petroleum refining, breweries, textile manufacturing and food. Luanda has an international airport and is the terminus of the railway from Malanje. Oil and Gas Industry in Angola It is difficult to overstate the importance of oil for […]


[…]Housings, CP Equipment and GNSS receivers. Visit our website for our full range of products and services that we can provide: ROVs for Underwater Inspections and Surveys Our state-of-the-art robust ROV systems and advanced software maximise efficiency and minimise downtime, and have been successfully deployed for a wide variety of underwater applications, including oil & […]

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

[…]petrochemical industries and the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. Shipyards and offshore services and support are also important. However, it is in connection with trade and tourism that the city derives its largest income. The city’s annual carnival is one of the biggest tourist attractions. Top 10 Oil and Gas Rio de Janeiro Jobs Below is the list of top 10 job […]

Harris Pye Marine Ltd.

[…]FSO, LNG Projects, Condenser Technology, Ship Outfitting, Tube Stockist & Supply, Mechanical Services, Visit our web site for vacancies, jobs and Harris Pye Marine Ltd. careers! We are located in South Wales, UK, Europe(North) Harris Pye Marine Ltd. Products Harris Pye Marine Ltd. Vacancies Top Oil and Gas Jobs in UK Top Oil and […]

Weidmuller, Inc.

[…]mainly used in switch cabinets and for field wiring. Customers also benefit from our wide range of services.In addition to our expertise in manufacturing precision mechanics, we offer a market- and customer-oriented product portfolio for our international customers in the fields of industrial, process and transportation technology. Weidmuller developments and activities are driven solely by […]

Petrolia Drilling ASA

Petrolia Drilling ASA in short: owns and charters drilling vessels for offshore, deepwater oil and gas exploration and development drilling Petrolia Drilling ASA, a Norwegian publicly listed limited company, was established on March 17th 1997. It owns and charters drilling vessels for offshore, deepwater oil and gas exploration and development drilling. It intends to continue to […]

DrawWorks, L.P.

[…]Tool, and lightweight Drift Bars. This equipment is used by companies providing casing running services such as casing crews. Visit our web site for vacancies, jobs and DrawWorks, L.P. careers! We are located in Boling, USA, America(North) DrawWorks, L.P. Products DrawWorks, L.P. Vacancies Top Oil and Gas Jobs in USA Top Oil and Gas […]

Falmouth Divers Ltd

[…]and Hydrographic Surveying. Falmouth Divers was established in 1978 to provide diving support services to the Marine and Civil Engineering Industries. Over the years the Company has steadily expanded and diversified into other areas such as general Marine Civil Engineering and Hydrographic Surveying. The Company now operates throughout the United Kingdom and Overseas from our […]

Applied Electronic Systems Inc.

Applied Electronic Systems Inc. in short: design and manufacturing of electric wireline tools and electronics designing downhole wireline tools that can handle hostile drilling environments applied electronics, applied electronic systems, downhole wireline, freepoint, backoff, cased hole logging tools, gamma ray, collar locator, neutron, logging, production logging, cement bond Visit our web site for vacancies, jobs […]

Jindal Drilling & Industries ltd

[…]and managers who day-in-day-out strive to implement cutting edge solutions. Jindal Drilling services touch every aspect of commercial and civilian domains. Jindal Drilling are amongst the largest corporate groups in India with an annual turnover of Rs 1000 Crores and business collaborations around the world. The Jindal Drilling Group of Companies was founded in 1952 […]

Multiphase Solutions, Inc.

Multiphase Solutions, Inc. in short: is an internationally-focused provider of technical consulting services and software systems. multiphase, multiphase flow, flow assurance, deepwater, pipeline management, asset management, leak detection, multiphase metering, inference metering, Virtual Pipeline Manager, Visit our web site for vacancies, jobs and Multiphase Solutions, Inc. careers! We are located in Houston, USA, America(North) […]

Sealed Enclosures

[…]both ‘ off the shelf ‘ and bespoke designs for more specific applications. Our services include: * 3D Design, Modeling and Analysis * Pressure Resistant Housing made in low and high volumes * Fast turnaround of Prototypes * Manufacture of housings and other Sub-Sea equipment * Vacuum and Hydrostatic Test Capability Applications for our pressure […]