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Oil Rig Jobs

[…]This is a typical of the entrance professions for work offshore on a fix offshore installation or floating drilling rig. The deck worker works with practical tasks on the drilling deck in the actual drilling operation. Career Path It is possible to work your way up to and including the tower man when you have a trade certificate. Then […]

Weidmuller, Inc.

[…]to power supply and overvoltage protection modules suitable for all applications. Electrical installation and marking material, basic I/O components and a variety of tools round off the range. Weidmüller products are mainly used in switch cabinets and for field wiring. Customers also benefit from our wide range of services.In addition to our expertise in manufacturing […]

Cecon Cecon

Cecon Cecon in short: independent Subsea Installation Contractor Cecon ASA is an independent Subsea Installation Contractor located in Arendal, Norway. Cecon is focussing on EPCI contracts for steel pipelines – J/S-lay, flexible flowlines and risers together with cables and umbilicals for subsea oil and gas projects, Cecon ASA is listed on Oslo Stock Exchange, Oslo Axess. […]

MCT Brattberg AB

MCT Brattberg AB in short: Cable and pipe penetrations for installation in high-risk environments MCT Brattberg´s earliest origins reach as far back as 1759, a time when Lyckeåborg was designated the site for the construction of a copper hammer. The Lyckeby River waterfall made the location ideal. Its modern history started after World War II, when […]

Shanghai Saige Composite Materials

[…]Railway UK and Shanghai Magnetically Levitated Train Project. Long life, high quality, easy installation, and labor safety are the ultimate criterion for Saige products; while prompt reply, quick delivery and reasonable pricing are the assessment standards for our company. Visit our web site for vacancies, jobs and Shanghai Saige Composite Materials careers! We are located […]

ROV Supervisors Jobs in Offshore, Australia

[…] * Conduction all i-Tech project briefings with the Clients Representative, vessel/installation Master/OIM, Diver Supervisor, ROV Personnel do that all concerned understand the propose of the operation, and the proposed methods of achieving its completion * Ensuring that all equipment and stores used by the operations team are in conditions satisfactory in performance, maintenance and […]

Oil and Gas Jobs

[…]needed to extract the condensate from the reservoir to shore, such as designing, construction and installation of subsea template and manifolds system, drilling rigs, laying of pipelines to shore.  Then the raw condensate needs to be processed and made into all sorts of petroleum products. All companies involved need staff and managements to run the business […]

Drilling Rig Jobs

[…]of oil and gas professions working on an offshore or inshore drill barge or offshore platform or installation. The following job positions or titles are normally onboard an offshore drilling platform. From simple roughneck, roustabout and floorman at the lower deck level all the way up to the rig manager, platform chief. There are also […]

Riser Engineer Jobs in America, Houston

[…]all project phases. Review dynamic analyses of the riser system covering transportation, installation and operation phases. Liaise with Company specialists to gather comments to design documentation and to resolve technical queries. Oversee fabrication and coating of riser sections. Monitor fabrication of all associated hardware, i.e. buoyancy elements, foundation, bulkheads etc. Manage reporting during all phases. […]

Van Leusden BV

[…]partner. We will assist you in the complete process of design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, service and maintenance of all kinds of hoisting equipment in your plant. Throughout the years we have accomplished a lot of projects for standard as well as very special lifting equipment. Our reference list will show the variety of products and clients. Our company […]

ROV Supervisor Jobs in Houston, USA

[…]all ROV project briefings with the Client’s Representative, vessel/installation Master/OIM, ROV personnel so that all concerned understand the purpose of the operation, and the proposed method of achieving its completion. Day to day Supervision of the ROV resources operating on work site. Ensuring that all equipment and stores used by the operations team are in a condition […]

ROV Technician Jobs in International, International

[…]in our West Africa, Mediterranean and Caspian Sea areas on vessel based intervention and field installation operations as well as rig based drilling and completion projects. Duties and responsibilities to include - * Understand and operate within the established Company HSE / QA Policies and Operating Standards * Operate ROV system as directed by System Supervisor / Superintendent * […]
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Atlantic Marine & Oilfield Services

[…]Resources (DPR) in Nigeria, to operate as an oil services contracting company in the design, installation, construction and provision of customized offshore surface and sub sea engineering services to the oil industry. Recently also, the company has expanded its operations to offshore Ghana for a Ghana National Petroleum Corporation Joint Venture concession with the SaltPond […]

Wirth GmbH

Wirth GmbH in short: automation of installation procedures in the field of industrial construction In 1992 Wirth GmbH was founded as Wirth Maschinenbau GmbH with a workforce of three. The aim of the company is to elaborate innovative solutions for the construction industry and the automation of installation procedures in the field of industrial construction. […]

Senior Subsea Specialist Jobs in Offshore, USA

[…]Senior Subsea Specialist reviews and approves configuration layouts, plans and supervises the installation and testing of subsea BOP and related equipment. The Senior Subsea Specialist also oversees BOP maintenance and overhauls. Candidates must have a minimum of one year experience as a Senior Subsea Specialist (or equivalent position) working with similar equipment with another drilling contractor, […]
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