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Planner Jobs in Hull, UK

[…]and Structures. Find other Planner Jobs Find other Oceaneering Jobs Find other Oil and Gas Jobs in Hull, UK The job position and advert may be expired. Please contact Oceaneering, for information on other jobs, salary, careers and vacancies. Planner Jobs Oceaneering Jobs Oil and Gas Jobs in UK Oil and Gas Jobs in Hull […]

Neptune by Kerr McGee

[…]deck, sized to handle a 1,000 hp packaged rig, on top. The decks are supported on the spar hull by four 5 foot diameter legs in the same way it would be carried on a conventional jacket. On the spar hull the matching leg sections are placed directly over the vertical bulkheads and the outer […]

Naval Architect Jobs in Houston, USA

[…]with a further growth within FPSO and Dry Tree Solutions. Perform global performance analyses of hull, mooring and riser/umbilical systems including hydrostatic stability and hydrodynamics. Perform stability, strength, fatigue, interference calculations. Perform floating structure mooring/tendon analyses and design of mooring/tendon systems. Perform marine transportation, installation and operability analyses. Coordinate and supervise scale model tests of […]

Åsgard by Equinor

[…]topsides. It was built in Korea by Daewoo Heavy Industries, under a US$85 million contract. The hull measures 114mx96m and weighs 19,000t. The heavy-lift carrier Mighty Servant 3 transported the hull to Norway, in a 45-day journey. Measuring 96mx114m, the platform B topside weighs 28,000t, and incorporates living quarters and processing facilities. It will also carry […]

Attric Group Ltd

[…]Abu Dhabi. Visit our web site for vacancies, jobs and Attric Group Ltd careers! We are located in Hull, UK, Europe(North) Attric Group Ltd Products Attric Group Ltd Vacancies Top Oil and Gas Jobs in UK Top Oil and Gas Jobs in Hull Top Attric Group Ltd Job […]

Morpeth by British Borneo

[…]DB50 derrick barge in DP mode on August 1. After landing the oil/gas export catenary risers on hull porches, the deck was lifted onto the hull on August 8. First oil was produced two months later, after the facility was abandoned three times for hurricanes, one of which passed directly over the platform. Time from project […]

Tank Inspection Engineering Technician Jobs in Sunbury, UK

[…]An engineer is required to develop a detailed inspection scope for each of the FPSO’s 59 hull tanks to form the basis of the inspection workpack. Based in Sunbury on Thames UK and reporting to the Asset Corrosion Engineer, the successful candidate will be responsible for developing the detailed inspection work pack for each tank ahead […]
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Electric Retractable Thrusters Products

[…]Retractable Thrusters Thrustmaster electric retractable thrusters are fixed pitch propeller thru-hull azimuth thrusters capable of retracting completely into the hull. More Thrustmaster Of Texas Products More Retractable Thrusters Products from Other Companies Top Retractable Thrusters Companies Jobs related to Retractable Thrusters […]

Wenchang by CNOOC

In June of 2001, the “Nanhai Endeavor” FPSO hull was launched. The “Nanhai Endeavor” is a turret-moored FPSO designed for typhoon populated areas. With a capacity of 150 thousand dead weight tons, it will play a vital role in the development of the Wenchang oil fields. CNOOC is producing oil from two platforms completed in […]

Bonga by Shell

[…]in Wallsend and other locations in Europe and Nigeria. The integration of the topsides and the hull was completed at Wallsend. Topsides are facilities for processing oil, water and gas. Some 22,000 tonnes of equipment including the topsides were installed on the Bonga at Wallsend. The journey from the Tyne to it permanent mooring at […]

Matterhorn by Total

[…]injected, as well as a 1000hp drilling rig and the capacity to add future tiebacks. Hull fabrication began on 28 January 2002 and was completed on 31 December, on time and budget. The topsides, with a lift weight of 5500 tons, were fabricated at the Gulf Marine Fabricators yard in Corpus Christi. The hull was fabricated […]

Ursa by Shell

[…]tendons, four per corner, each about 3,800 feet long. The TLP consists of a four leg hull with four pontoons connecting the four legs and forming a square below the water line. The legs for the Ursa TLP are each 85 feet in diameter and 177 feet in height while each pontoon is 38 feet wide […]

Brutus by Shell

[…]Ray McDermott’s fabrication and installation was completed in March 2001. The 14,500 ton TLP hull was constructed by Daewoo Shipbuilding. The hull was transported to the United States by Dockwise using the Mighty Servant 3. The complete TLP was installed on location June 20, 2001. Menck installed 12 piles for the TLP. Each pile is […]

Senior Project Engineer Jobs in Houston, USA

[…]layouts, piping schematics and diagrams, machinery foundations, HVAC, sizing specification of hull and drilling equipment, etc. He/She will provide cost estimates for budgeting as well as scheduling for the jobs. He/She will oversee the implementation of these jobs at a shipyard site or offshore if possible. He/She will assure compliance with regulatory, class and code requirements and shall […]

Mossel Bay by EM

[…]34 million rand buoy is the second of its kind in the world. It weighs 331t and the lower hull’s diameter is 8m. It is equipped with subsea control as well as UHF/VHF and satellite communication systems. Plus, a complete, self-contained power-generation system forms part of the equipment on-board. The buoy carries diesel and other […]